It has now been five years since I took my first steps in the world of trading. I began my journey with the DAX before shifting my focus to the American markets (ES, NQ, YM, and RT). I quickly discovered that order book trading was my strength. To deepen my skills, I underwent two specific trainings, one in Geneva and the other in Canada

Today, I am dedicated to order book trading and order flow, and I do scalping on the American markets. This is what I love and where I excel. However, in 2023, I decided to evolve and delve into the realm of automated trading, gradually moving away from manual trading. 

After dedicating time to programming various algorithms, they now run on my real accounts in a fully automated manner. My goal is for these robots to replicate the order book approach on the American markets as faithfully as possible.

Driven by the idea of sharing and imparting knowledge, I have launched my own website and YouTube channel. 

My aim is to introduce you to everything I’ve learned about trading and the various investment strategies. In this world of endless possibilities, I commit to prioritizing transparency and integrity in order to present you with reliable and secure products. 

For those of you who simply want to get acquainted with trading, you’ll find ample free resources on my YouTube channel and website. However, for those wishing to deepen their knowledge and save time, I also offer paid chartbooks and training courses.


When I first delved into trading 4 years ago, the order book was my revelation. Now, as an experienced scalper, I consider it indispensable. Believe me when I say: the order book isn’t just a tool—it’s a game changer

Dive into the best in-depth training PDF, curated to equip you with the expertise to effectively scalp the American markets. Harness methods and tools that top professionals swear by


While order book trading has been a game changer for my career, I also recognized the immense potential stocks hold for long-term wealth creation. That’s why I’ve designed an in-depth training course exclusively focused on stock market investing

Prepare to evolve from a market beginner to a savvy investor!
This all-inclusive training course introduces you to the foundational principles of stock trading and equips you with tried-and-true methodologies to succeed in the world’s largest and most influential market—the American stock market

PS: I will introduce you to one of the best stock analysis platforms out there: Finviz! with everything you need to know to use the screeners and save LOTS of time!

Dive into the special Chartbooks!  Your ultimate shortcut on the Sierra Chart platform.

I’ve meticulously designed each chart, drawing from years of trading expertise. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, these charts are set to transform your trading experience in seconds.

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Explore the heart of trading psychology with our dedicated course, an often overlooked yet crucial domain for triumphing in the markets. 

Discover how mastering your emotions and understanding psychological mechanisms can radically transform your trading. 

This guide, derived from my extensive experience and enriched with strategies from institutional traders, is designed to equip you with the best tools I know to navigate the emotional highs and lows of trading. 

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It’s important to emphasize that trading carries risks. The ideas and content I share on this website are the result of my personal experience in the realm of trading and investing. They are not meant to be a recommendation or financial advice, and I cannot be held accountable for the outcomes you achieve by implementing them.

Financial investing and trading require specific skills and a deep understanding of the market. It’s strongly advised to consult with a professional if you’re unsure of your decisions. Mistakes can be costly, and the capital you invest should be money you can afford to lose.

The purpose of this website is to educate and inspire, by sharing my journey and experience. However, every individual is unique and the application of my strategies may not work for everyone. Exercise due diligence before making investment choices, and don’t hesitate to seek out a professional to assist you.

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